UniAlarm Dispatcher A-Z

The UniAlarm Dispatcher allows of a full-scale, manufacturer-independent signal-distribution.

Remote monitoring service providers, authorities, fire departments and building managers can equally use it. With the help of the UniAlarm Dispatcher, a highly available signal-distribution network can be established from independent systems or networks. The system is independent from the individual remote signaling devices and supports almost all internationally used protocols.
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UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform is a complete solution, which includes redundant surveillance hardware, a pre-installed and fine-tuned operational system, and a properly prepared and installed UniAlarm Dispatcher Server and Communicator.

The UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform is ideal for places where the surveillance contains particularly important data and a server containing professionally tuned hardware and software elements are necessary.

What is the UniAlarm Dispatcher?

The UniAlarm Dispatcher system is a modular, client-server based alarm-distribution surveillance system, which combines the management and administration functions much liked by operators with the modularity and integration aspects expected from the integrators.

With the help of the UniAlarm Dispatcher system, even multiple, independent alarm systems can be monitored. Their signals can also be distributed to individual surveillance stations according to preset criteria; either by signal type or by geographical regions.

The UniAlarm Dispatcher system not only ensures the receiving and the distribution of the signals, but it also provides the ability to set up process flow and manage the internal databases with its internal intelligent system. It also makes the management of signals clear and traceable for the operators.

All components of the UniAlarm Dispatcher system communicate through secure SSL connection in an IP network, and it is certified by the EN 54-21 standard.

The contents of the UniAlarm Dispatcher Platform:
  • Dual core Pentium processor, Intel motherboard, 4GB RAM
  • 2x200GB RAID-1 hot-swap SATA hard disk drive, redundant power supply
  • 2xGigabit Ethernet, 2xRS232 port, VGA connection, DVD burner
  • Case mountable into a 19” rack, supplied with lid opening sensor
  • Preinstalled Debian Linux operation system
  • Preinstalled firewall that can be configured from the management interface
  • Preinstalled and configured UniAlarm Dispatcher Server
  • Preinstalled and configured UniAlarm Dispatcher Communicator
  • Preinstalled Open VPN server to create customizable VPN from the administrational interface
  • The TCP/IP configurations can be modified from the management system
  • Continuous monitoring and display of the operating parameters of the computer (temperature, fan speed, hard disk drive capacity) in the management system with pre-set alarm options.
  • Database backups can be burned to DVD right away from the administrational interface
The UniAlarm Platform can be expanded with further optional elements, and any hardware component can be modified according to individual needs. The support and update service-package can be supplemented with an on-site 12/24-hour full hardware and software support service for the event of any malfunction.